1970 Morris Minor 1000 Pick up

Job Description: Accident damage repair

Colour: Blue

This cool blue 1970 Morris Minor Pick up came to us for some insurance repair work following a accident with a bus! We replaced the rear quarter panel and custom decals made thanks to Alex at AS Signs and Graphics.

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Jaguar XK150 Fixed Head Coupé

Job Description: Accidental Repair

Colour: Silver

This XK150 was the last one produced before the production line burnt down in Coventry. This car had been in five different body shops over 5 years. Unfortunately, the client was not happy on all occasions with the level of the finish. Our Specialised team had to remove the paint on the sides and the front of the car. During this time, we found up to 3 inches of filler on the front and sides. The client was looking for a showroom finish with the sides being completely straight and no variations in the body work. With a lot of panels repaired to reduce the amount of filler used the car then moved into filler, spray filler primer and paint stages. The vehicle was then finally completely wet-sanded and polished to show room condition.

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Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Fixed Head Coupé

Job Description: Full restoration.

Colour: Signal Red.

This Jaguar E-Type Series 3 fixed head coupe, came to Blackline on a pallet initially for body work restoration. It had been acid dipped by another company which required neutralising and sand blasting. Our highly skilled team rectified the metal and body work and it was painted in a stunning signal red. The client requested a webasto roof to be fitted as an after market addition. Inside is a beautiful cream leather interior with a top of the range infotainment system.

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1956 Jaguar XK140 Drop Head Coupé

Job Description: Full restoration.

Colour: British Racing Green

This 1956 Jaguar XK140 was sourced by Blackline from Ohio in America for a client. Our client specifically wanted a 1956 XK140 right hand drive restoration however, this was not easy to obtain at the current time. With agreement and via a contact, this left hand example was found and imported to the UK with a view to convert it to right hand drive. The vehicle arrived as a running vehicle. It was stripped, sandblasted and new body built. We kept only the original front scuttle and front window aperture. Its original colour was cream with red interior and a black roof, then over time changed to a navy exterior and blue interior. Our client has chosen to update it in British racing green with a biscuit Connelly leather interior and tan mohair roof. This car will be kept as original as possible. If you would like Blackline to source a vehicle or have any questions, please call Ben on 01884 841110

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Rolls Royce 25/30 Sport Saloon

Job Description: Interior panel restoration

Colour: Westminster Blue

This beautiful Rolls Royce had some interior panel restoration completed. All the interior wood panels were carefully removed and resprayed in westminster blue and then finally carefully hand pinstriped by local mural and sign writer Josh Monk.

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TVR T350c

Job Description: Accidental Repair.

Colour: Metallic Black

This stunning TVR arrived at our workshop for some accident repair. Our skilled engineer had to grind and repair the original fibreglass structure and re-shape the aperture to where the plastic headlight is bonded. As you can see in the photos, minimal filler and primers were used to ensure that the repair is as close to factory standard. By using modern composite materials, the repair is seamless but also has the original structural integrity.

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Jaguar E-Type Series 2 Fixed Head Coupé

Job Description: Full bare-metal respray

Colour: Maserati Grey.

This Series 2 fixed head coupé arrived at Blackline fully stripped by the client. After sand-blasting the shell the extent of the rust was very minimal. Repairs commenced using the appropriate filler and primer. The E-Type was sprayed in a rich Maserati Grey.

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Jaguar E-Type Series 2 Roadster

Job Description: Full restoration

Colour: Conaught Green

This Series 2 originally came to Blackline for a bare-metal respray. Welding work had been attempted by another company but had to be rectified. The rest of the car was supplied to us in bits allowing us to rebuild the car. Our mechanic converted the vehicle to right hand drive and fitted the engine which had already been restored with a rear IRS unit.

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Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster

Job Description: Full bare-metal respray.

Colour: Gloss black.

​This Series 1 Roadster arrived fully stripped, sand-blasted and welded by the client. With the appropriate filler and primer, work was completed. The E-Type was sprayed in a deep gloss black.

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BMW Alpina 2002

Job Description: Full external restoration..

Colour: BMW Nachtblau Metallic Blue.

This car arrived at Blackline from one of our traders in order to carry out a full external respray and fitting of a wide arch fiberglass body kit. The body kit included rear arches, front arches, bonnet and boot lids. Once we had bonded the rear arches to the rear of the body, we then strengthened the bonnet and the boot with fiberglass reinforcement. This was to improve the rigidity as this car was to become a full track car. Once the fiberglass kit had been fitted, we carried out the appropriate filler, spray filler and primer work. Finally, the BMW was sprayed deep dark blue.

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1965 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster

Job Description: Full restoration

Colour: Opalescent Dark Blue

This 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Drop Head Coupe Roadster came to Blackline for full restoration and preservation. Its original colour was primrose yellow then light blue. The current owner had done various maintenance over time including bonnet and door replacement. The engine had a 12 inch crack in the block from overheating which was repaired. The vehicle has now been resprayed to opalescent dark blue with a grey leather interior and navy mohair roof with half zip tonneau cover. An infotainment system has been fitted and LED rear light upgrade kit.

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Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Fixed Head Coupe

Job Description: Full bare-metal respray and welding.

Colour: Jaguar Opalescent Dark Blue.

This Series 3 arrived at Blackline fully stripped by the client. Once the E-Type shell had been sand-blasted the extent of the rust was located primarily to the rear arches and the bulkhead. With the appropriate filler and primer, the repair was completed. The E-type was sprayed in a stunning opalescent dark blue.

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Buick LeSabre 1959

Job Description: Panel replacement and welding.

Colour: Blue & White.

This lovely 1959 Buick LeSabre had all lower door sections replaced - inner and outer including hand made front and rear wheel arches. New carpets fitted and the rear bench seat was re-stitched.

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1977 Maserati Merak SS

Job Description: Bare metal respray

Colour: Metallic Blue

This 1977 Maserati Merak was brought to Blackline for a full bare metal respray. The shell was sandblasted and many hours spent on anti corrosion protection including primer, epoxy and clearcoat. Its original colour was gunmetal grey but has now been updated to beautiful metallic blue. All chrome has been replaced and fitted back onto the car.

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Austin Healey

Job Description: Accident damage repair..

Colour: Signal Red & Old English White.

This Austin Healey arrived having accident damage to the passenger door. The client wanted the option of having the full door skin replaced. This required us to replace the door frame which had seen a lot of corrosion. With the door skin being replaced, we completed the appropriate bodywork to make sure that the job was seamless. The car was finished off with a full complimentary detail to ensure it was looking its best for collection.

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