Our body work process

– The shell is sand blasted and then three coats of epoxy is applied and then baked and left to fully cure for 72 hours.

– The shell is then keyed thoroughly allowing for our filler to adhere to the shell and then is perfectly shaped to produce a flawless finish, no filler will be thicker than 2mm over the whole shell.

– All panels are fitted multiple times and the doors are weighted to replicate as if they were fully loaded and caught on to the latches. This allows us to ensure that all panel gaps are 4-5mm once it has been re-assembled.

– All external fittings are fitted to the shell at multiple points in the process to ensure a perfect fit. This will allow for all bumpers, chrome strips, rear light, door catches, latches, and striker plates.

– During the spray filler stage, the car is again refined on shape and all external fitting and panels are checked again. Once the car has been checked numerous amounts of time for the perfect shape, we then move into primer.

– The use of two coats of primer allows us to ensure that any minor imperfections have been rectified and allows for a perfect surface for us to apply paint to. This is also another part of the process for us to check and make sure that all external panels fit, and any external body fittings fit as well.

– The painting process is broken down into a few different stages to allow for the perfect finish. The car is forced dried and then left to fully cure in a controlled environment before we wet sand and polish. This is done using six different grades of sandpaper and then four different compounds to enable us to produce the perfect flawless finish.

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