Classic Car Engine Restoration

Blackline Classic Cars offer bespoke engine re-builds. We carry out all work including cylinder head restoration, through to full engine re-builds to the highest standard. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All engines go through the same process which involves a complete tolerance check, with all the components cleaned, serviced and thoroughly inspected. All the components will then be machined, refinished or replaced if required. The engine is then re-built, bench-tested, and road tuned by our experienced mechanical engineers.

All engines also receive the following work (if required).

  • Head skim.
  • Pressure test.
  • Valve guides.
  • Valves ground or replaced.
  • New or reground camshafts.
  • Crank ground and balanced.
  • Balancing including, con-rods, Pistons, pulleys, flywheel.
  • New or re-machined oil pump.
  • New pistons and liners.
  • Small end bearings replaced.
  • All oil and water galleys chemically and mechanically cleaned and flushed.
  • Complete carburettor re-builds and tune.
  • Rebuilt or upgraded ignition systems.
  • All ancillaries overhauled or upgraded (if required).

All our work is carried out in-house and we take great care and attention of all aspects of an engine re-build. We pride ourselves in refinishing all the components with exceptional quality. All our engines are built to the client’s requirements whether that be to original factory standards or a high-performance specification. Our engines also come with a warranty of 6 months.