Blackline Classic Cars provide a complete restoration service. We can restore or rebuild every single aspect of your classic car from the ground up.

Performance, authenticity and detail are the primary factors in our approach to restoration. Our Specialist team combined with our state-of-the-art workshop and equipment will ensure that your investment is in safe hands.

Whether you are looking for a full restoration to factory standard, an upgrade to a higher specification or work carried out to preserve, protect and keep your vehicle in the best condition possible; Blackline Classic Cars prides itself in being able to restore any classic marque.

All projects are disassembled and recorded in our workshop. We also provide our clients with a custom portfolio of all work carried out. Through our unique client portal, a weekly photographic diary is created enabling clients to login and view all the work undertaken. When a classic car is carefully disassembled, it begins to reveal the car’s history. Quick repairs, various coats of different paints and previous accident damage start to become evident. These are all part of the vehicle’s history, and everything is documented with photographic and written evidence.

Once the vehicle has been disassembled, the body is sent for sandblasting to remove paint from all areas. This will enable us to see the full extent of the condition of the metal work. When a car is completely stripped of its fittings and materials, it can sometimes reveal issues such as rust, corrosion, poorly executed repairs, or other unknown problematic areas.

At Blackline, we recognise that there is often no way of knowing what lies beneath the materials of the car. We know that this can be the largest variant in price for a restoration. Blackline provides complete transparency and communication with the client when discussing which route, they would like to take at this stage of the process.

A further aspect of our documentation process is panel fit measurements. All panel fit measurements are logged, whether that’s the actual gap size or its transition into the adjoining panel. Understanding the importance of capturing these details is a vital aspect of the process. The gapping of the panels is done at the metal stage of the bodywork restoration. We consistently set our gaps to 5mm to allow for symmetry across the cars. This will enable us to reduce the composites used later in the bodywork process. We can also lead load joints that have previously been lap welded. Restoring the vehicle by using high quality procedures and products, provides the client with the satisfaction and comfort that their vehicle is being restored back to factory finish standards.

As the vehicle goes through the bodywork stage, it is dry fitted with all bumpers, lights, chrome and other trims. This allows us to remove the chance of poor fitting components and again adds to the quality of the final finish, this can sometimes be a very time-consuming process and can take many attempts to ensure that all the fitment is done to the correct standard.

We take pride in using the minimum amount of body filler product on your vehicle. To create a flawless finish, we skim the vehicle which allows us to sculpt the correct shape. Once the car has gone through the final shaping, it is then painted in the client’s colour choice. Once the paint work has fully cured the car is then carefully flatted and polished to ensure that a perfect finish is achieved.