Are Classic Cars a good investment?

Investing in classic cars can be an excellent investment and an exciting and rewarding venture.
A winning combination consists of good looks, limited production numbers, matching engine, chassis and components. Also factors such as low mileage and history.
There are many reasons for buying a classic car, firstly comes the joy of ownership. Other reasons may include capital investment, portfolio diversification and status among peers. Whatever the reason, if you are a newbie investor it is worth taking on board that not all cars are equal and are good investments.
Things to consider when purchasing a classic car are brand – ensure you do your research into the heritage, history and demand for various marques. Speak to other enthusiasts or collectors via car clubs or research on the internet. Investigate vehicles that have a story behind them that makes them unique and stand out amongst the rest.
Nevertheless, whatever your purchase to avoid future problems, do regular maintenance, replace perished parts with original, and lookout for rust. Drive your car from time to time being mindful of keeping the mileage low.

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